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    Default wtb tfo mangrove 10 wt

    I've got my eye on this rod and thought I'd see if someone wants to offload a used one before I spring for a new one.


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    Default Re: wtb tfo mangrove 10 wt

    jbird, can you do a review of that rod when you get it. Were you gonna get it for musky?

    I've been thinking of a musky rod and I've been told Beulah 10/11 is a good choice. Stiff and with two tips, can't be beat. But at 7oz, I don't know. I mean the Mangrove 10wt is 4oz and the H2 9' 10wt is 3 7/8oz!!!! Go figure.

    Been considering that h2 10wt, but am concerned that it'll be too "soft" resulting in soft hook sets or delayed hook sets.

    Anyways, would love to hear what you think about the mangrove when you get it.
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    Default Re: wtb tfo mangrove 10 wt

    Jbird, I actually went out to cast the 10wt mangrove for the second time today. Great rod in my opinion

    I own the 4,6, and 8wt mangroves currently but want the 10. I was trying to see if there was something else id be interested in but I keep coming back to the mangrove.

    Very easy to load and makes casting easy and effortless. Not difficult to thrown the entire line if you had to. Very light rod

    Although I havent put the 10'wt to the test with a fish, I know the 6 and 8 wt can take a beating and have great back bone.

    Prices just went up on them as well. The 10 is going for 280

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    Default Re: wtb tfo mangrove 10 wt

    I have fished this rod for musky as well as the Beulah blue water. They're both excellent, but the mangrove just feels better and casts gigantic flies with little effort. The rod was paired with the airflo sniper type III, which I've already bought. I did see bearsden has it for $249
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    Default Re: wtb tfo mangrove 10 wt

    What grain sniper were you throwing on the 10wt mangrove?
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    Default Re: wtb tfo mangrove 10 wt

    Quote Originally Posted by brookfieldangler View Post
    What grain sniper were you throwing on the 10wt mangrove?
    Not sure of the grain weight. Its rated for 10wt so I would guess in the 400g range. I'll look at the one I bought when I get home.
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