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    mridenour Guest

    Default WTT Old Garcia Conolon 5WT 8'6" for Reel for 9WT

    Rod is in great shape. Had to have tip guide replaced after the old one broke off flush on a plane trip to Montana several years ago. Rod is graphite. I may post some pictures later if anyone is interested.

    I need a reel to take fishing this spring for Steelhead and I will be putting it on my TFO Pro 9WT. Don't care if it is pretty as long as it has a good drag. Will probably use it for salmon fishing in the fall too.

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    mridenour Guest

    Default Re: WTT Old Garcia Conolon 5WT 8'6" for Reel for 9WT

    Didn't think anyone would be interested but figured, "Why not?" Anyway, I'll bump once for a taker and then probably put it on the big auction site.

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