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    I've got a HARDY 'Sirrus' Glass 764, it's 7' 6", #4. I bought it about this time last year and honestly, used it one time. If you have any interest, $299. You can txt me 864-353-two, four, five nine or I'm in here off and on daily.

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    I have a lovely 7’9” 4-5 weight rod I built on McFarland blanks. High quality components, semi-parabolic action. Happy to send pics. E-mail or text/ phone 613-266-9052 for more info...

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    I also have a 7’9” 3-4 weight rod I built on Steffens
    Blanks that would be perfect for your purposes. Delicate, easy-casting, progressive action rod. High quality components. Same contact info as on previous post...

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    Quote Originally Posted by karstopo View Post
    I didnít see much that fit the bill on that fiberglass forum, lots of evidently very high end glass at high end graphite $$$.
    Yep lots of high end stuff there but......
    Put up a WTB(want to buy) post in The classifieds asking what you are looking for and a price range, youíll get responses.

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    If you willing to spend more I should have new Scott F2 3 or 4 weight. Need to look for it.

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    Think I have found what I was looking for. Thanks for the offers.

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