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Thread: For sale:Orvis

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    okuma Guest

    Default For sale:Orvis

    2 piece silver label 3 weight. 3/4 battenkil reel. fish ready w/ cases.
    2 piece HLS 8 weight rod. aluminum case and rod sock ......$200.00 for splits please .
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    I just picked up a rod and would be interested in your battenkill V. Would you be interested in selling the reel for $125 via paypal?

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    okuma Guest

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    the rods and the reel are up for sell again due to the need of a travel type rod for flying
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    Hahahahaha I was in the same boat not too long ago. A thread came up asking about a 3wt and I have a Loomis GL3 that I thought about offering, I needed a transfer case for my Jeep!!! I haven't even taken that rod out of the tube since last June but I still can't part with it, theres always the what if scenario!! :P
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