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    Default WTB: TFO Mini Mag 8-10

    Title says it all. I already have one and want another for my musky fishing.


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    Default Re: WTB: TFO Mini Mag 8-10

    Those shorter rods like the Minimag lineup struggle to get a big following. I gave my 6/8 weight Minimag to my daughter’s good friend. I flat out wore that rod out and it looked like h*ll, but it will still fish.

    I moved over to the G. Loomis Short Stix rods and got two of those, the 8/9 and 7/8 weight. I like the faster action for what I was doing with them over the Minimag. Recently, I broke the tip section of the 8/9 weight bringing a 2# fish to hand, not sure what happened. Of course, those rods met the same fate as the minimag line.

    If you want a beast of a rod with some power to sling those hefty musky patterns you work up, you might look at the Echo BAG Quickshot. Same length as the Minimag at 8’. Loads of casting and fish fighting power. The 9 weight I have is a monster and I reserve it only for the biggest fish I might find. I’ve got the six weight an it’s a super power 6 weight. More than enough for redfish and redfish flies.

    You might still find a 8/10 weight Minimag, but if not...
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    Default Re: WTB: TFO Mini Mag 8-10

    That's a good call. I might end up with the BAG 10wt anyway. I really liked my 7wt, but it met it's fate to some asphalt after being left on top of the car.

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    Default Re: WTB: TFO Mini Mag 8-10

    I have a shortstix 8/9 that I'll sell... Not sure if you're interested. It's been taken care of, I just don't use it much. 350 grains is solid on that rod

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