I did the unthinkable. not labeling my line for the first time. I found this sink tip in my fly reel bag. It's a zip closed cabela's bag that can hold reels, etc.

I believe this is a rio 9 or 10wt. If I remember, I think I may have first bought this sink tip for kings then I bought their versi tip so then I had an xtra line on this spool. I've never had a 7wt line before as I must have picked up a spare line wheel and didn't mark the wheel. I never forget to do that! It's been in my zip close reel bag i'm thinking since 2005. How bout $50.00. 10 Day Money back guarantee
I may contact the folks at Rio, to see if they could help identify the line. It's in great shape, I unwound it and looked it over. it's like brand new. no cracks and it has a 24" section of butt leader attached.

I'm sure this would be a good line if anybody is looking for a 9 or 10wt sink tip. Not sure of the IPS. sink tip is brown in color. fly line.jpgfly line rio.jpg