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Thread: line help

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    hello all new here
    im looking to replace line i use a tfo pro 8.5 4 weight and bbs real, rig has orvis wonder line in 5 weight. thanks in advance for suggestions

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    I have an Orvis Silver Label WF 4wt. on mine. Works fine and since they discontinued it, you can often find them cheap.

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    Hi Fishingflies,

    It makes a big difference how you are going to be using the line. If cost is a concern then I suggest the Allen Weight Forward floating fly line. A lot of our members use this line and I haven't heard any complaints. You won't find a better price. Tell Justin you are a NAFFF member.

    If you are looking for a specialty or performance line there are some good choices from RIO and Scientific Anglers. We would need to know your application to make recommendations.


    Allen WFF Fly LIne

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    i use this rod for trout fishin in md and pa small streams

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    Default Re: line help

    Hmmm... I thought that I responded to this thread. Here we go anyways.

    General Purpose - Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout, Rio Gold

    Presentation - Scientific Anglers Mastery XPS, Rio Trout LT

    All these lines have standard weight heads. They would be good fits for your medium fast rod.


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    thank you rusty, frank and mosca

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