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    Default WF3F leader & tippet setup; opinions wanted

    yoroshiku mina/greetings

    First-things-first, recently joined, nice to meet all.

    Soon I will be running rio gold WF3F for dry flies(#10-16). I would greatly like to get your opinoins on leader & tippet setup for this situation, i.e. prefered maker, material/construction, size and length.
    I'm interested in frog hair, but have no exp with it.

    This said, my humble component setup has inherent problems: Sage flight 370-4 & ross #1.5 airius. In afterthought, I think rio selective trout II fly line is better. A friend suggested cutting the rio gold loop and gluing the end.

    Well, looking forward to reading your opinion(s).

    Cheers from Japan

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    Default Re: WF3F leader & tippet setup; opinions wanted

    My personal opinion is you can't go wrong using a furled leader, particularly for dry fly situations. If you've never used one, give one a try.

    Have fun

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    Default Re: WF3F leader & tippet setup; opinions wanted

    I second pszy's opinion. Furled is the ONLY way to go.
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    Default Re: WF3F leader & tippet setup; opinions wanted

    Hi monty,

    Welcome to NAFFF. I hope you enjoy your time here.

    A lot of people like a Furled leader but I am not one. I like and use Frog Hair leaders. I think you will like it if you give them a try. They are a little bit more money than some leaders but I think they are worth it. The Frog Hair tippet material is also good. My favorite tippet material is the Dal-Riki Velvet but it has gotten hard to find.


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