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Thread: Warm or Cold, how to choose?

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    Default Warm or Cold, how to choose?

    What is the the determining temperature that classifies a cold or warm water line. I live in MN, water temps here vary from lake to lake or river. I fish lakes that can change 10 degrees in the same lake just in different spots. I have decided on going with rios clouser series line. I would say the average water temps in the summer are around 70, but much colder in the spring and fall. Would i be fine with a coldwater line? Or would it be worth it to get an extra spool of the clouser saltwater?


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    Default Re: Warm or Cold, how to choose?

    Hi Brian,

    I realize that I must sound like a broken record but...........I have been using fly lines here in AK. that I used in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Virginia. I have cast them in the ocean off of Chincoteaque VA. and here in the Waters of Prince William Sound. Unless you are headed to the tropics where it is really warm I doubt that you need any special formula fly lines. Unless of course they are they same cost as a regular line like the SA, Cortland, & Orvis lines I've been using for years.

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