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Thread: Line problems

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    Somehow, over the past few times I've been out, I managed to cut my Rio Gold fly line right by the loop connection. It's not cut all the way through, but about halfway. I'm pretty disappointed, because I have no idea how it happened, and it isn't that old of line. Should I just cut the loop connection and tie a nail knot with a loop in the other side of the nail? if so, what line strength should I use? It's 5wt fly line.

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    I would cut the loop...put a drop of glue on the end...and buy a braided loop connector

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    There is a thread discussing this problem with the RIO Gold lines, I'd do what JP suggested, you might also call RIO support.


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    After a little bit of searching I finally found that thread you refered to here.
    As far as what to do now, my suggestion is to use a piece of Amnesia, or similar memory free line, anywhere from 8-18" (just depends on your preferences. I stick with about 6-8"). Nail knot that to your fly line and put a perfection loop in the other end. The amnesia serves two purposes: It repaces your loop connection and serves as an indicator. For a 5wt line go with 20lb test.
    Hope this helps.

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