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Thread: line memory

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    Default line memory

    I bought a cheap DT6F line on eBay to see if it had any advantages over a WF6F line for my fishing rod & style (roll casting in many locations) and I like the DT line, but the one I purchased has really bad memory coils.

    I can stretch it and it's good for a few minutes, but if I let it lay in still water it soon looks like a stretched coil spring!

    Is there any possibility of salvaging it?

    (I did order a new SA DT6F line to replace it, so I'm not concerned about ruining it if I have to resort to extreme measures.)

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    Default Re: line memory

    What kind of line is it ?
    Some lines just don't like cold water
    Dip it in warm water and stretch it again... hard
    Tie one end to a tree or a car door, walk it out half to full length and pull
    Don't just try a couple of feet at a time
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Maybe it was just coiled up for a very long time. The above advice is worth a try. Also, I would wrap the line around a big garbage can or something and leave it there for a couple of days.

    If all that doesn't work, I'd probably chuck the line.

    BTW, a good low-memory line is the Sylk line, though it's a little funny looking.


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    Default Re: line memory

    Hi Everyone,

    I use Rip Tides idea at the beginning of the season. I have my wife hold one end and I take the other and stretch the devil out of it. You will be surprised how far you can stretch a modern nylon fly line.

    When nylon lines first came on the scene the outer cover was poor and if you stretch it too far the cover could be damaged. The best lines before nylon were silk and it was a struggle to get people to change over to the nylon lines. The silk lines have very little stretch and the stretch in the nylon line was considered a fault.

    The hardest thing to work out with a fly rod back then was what line to use. The lines were measured in diameters and a double taper line would be listed by letters based on the diameter that the sections of the line used. So a HCH was a a fly line with H ends and a C middle. The first fly rod I ever bought was a bamboo 8 1/2 rod rated for a HCH line. After a few years I had to use a lighter line and went with a HDH line. I am not a fan of the old slow action, full flex rods that were the most popular at that time. I quite using bamboo when tip flex glass came out and was glad to have the few that were available. Most glass rods at the time were built with actions like bamboo. The first tip flex glass rod I ever cast was a Heddon Pal. Want a nice glass rod that was for the time.

    Slow, full flex rods of any kind I can do with out.


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    Default Re: line memory

    It's an Airflo Tru-cast line.

    I paid $17.95 for it, so it's probably old stock. From what I can find online it's an inexpensive line anyway.

    I'll try the warm water - stretch. Might even leave it stretched for a day or two.
    Not the end of the world if I have to trash it, but I just hate to throw something like a line away if I can salvage it.

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