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  1. Default DT for a beginner?

    Just started fly fishing and have cabela's prestige WF 5wt on right now. To say that I have room for improvement in the casting department is an understatement of epic proportions to say the least, but it seems I do better on longer casts than the shorter ones. After only one trip out on the small streams here in Iowa I very rarely found myself casting more than 20'-25'. I was just wondering if a DT line may be better suited for this type of fishing? I will also be fishing lakes and ponds for panfish and LMB's which I see myself using the WF for. I would probably pick up an extra spool for the DT if I decide to go that route so I could change them out based on the type of fishing I would be doing. I also was concidering overlining up to a 6wt on my 5wt st. croix triumph. I know this is a much debated subject but it seems like this may allow me to feel the rod loading better, and given my beginner status, may improve my casting. Just some ideas I thought I would bounce off you guys.

    Your input is greatly appreciated as always. Thanks.

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    Default Re: DT for a beginner?

    A DT line is not going to help.
    At short distances you won't have enough line out for it to make any difference.
    You might want to try the overlining route though. That's what I would do, although it sounds like your rod may not be ideal for where you're trying to fish.

    After that. (How do you get to Carnegie Hall ?) Practice, practice, practice
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  3. Default Re: DT for a beginner?

    Thanks Rip,

    I just was wondering because I am not overly thrilled with how much my Cabela's line sinks at the tip. That won't be so much of a problem when I fish the lakes but it kind of bugs me on the streams. I had just seen somewhere that the DT was supposed to be better for shorter casts, roll casting, and mending. I understand now why it wouldn't matter because at that distance I don't have enough line out to where the WF taper makes a difference anyway. I will probably just stick with what I have or maybe keep my eye out for a good deal on a WF 6wt in a different brand.

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