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Thread: SA Mastery WFF line?

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    Default SA Mastery WFF line?

    this stuff any good?
    found a place online i was wanting a few things from and i just bought another rod the other day...its an Orvis Clearwater II from one of the members here for a backup for me and for my wife to use so i needed some line for it...gettin the reel i bought this line...seemed pretty cheap..$40 i think it was...this stuff any good?

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    Default Re: SA Mastery WFF line?

    SA Mastery is a whole "line" of fly lines (pun intended). They range in retail price from $45-$70, and there are taper designs for many different purposes (GPS (General Purpose), Streamer, Sink, Saltwater, etc.).

    Which SA Mastery line did you buy?

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    Default Re: SA Mastery WFF line?

    the one i got was the Headstart

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    Default Re: SA Mastery WFF line?

    Hi luke,

    You will like the line and $40 is the going rate at stores.


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    Default Re: SA Mastery WFF line?

    was hopeing that it was a decent line...i have some of the SA mastery in a full sink that is on my Sage but wasnt sure about the headstart line.....its mainly gonna be a backup anyways and one for my wife to it wont get used a ton but its nice to have a spare ya know

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    Default Re: SA Mastery WFF line?

    luked - the Headstart is a half line weight heavy, to help beginners experience the feel of a rod loading more easily.

    Retail is $39.99, so you didn't get much of a bargain, but you didn't overpay either.

    I got one a couple of years ago and loaded it on my 4wt, since the other half heavy lines weren't built down to a 4wt. Most of my fishing is close combat wading for carp, or fishing from my skiff, and casts are generally less than 25 feet. The half heavy helps a little in that situation. I like the line.

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