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    Default Fixing a cracked fly line?

    Some of you may remember when I posted about an amazing natural caster. He has become good enough to put a whole 105' distance line out of the rod. He was paracticing last winter when it was apparently to cold for the lines outer layer and cracked it. Then he made the mistake of picking at it and snapped a chunk out of it. It's way back in the running line but makes it hard to toss the whole 105'. By the way the only way my line goes 105' is if I load the reel in a potato gun and shoot it that far. Does anyone know of a way to repair the running line so he can get part the bad spot?

    On a side note, because the list of fly fishermen here is him and myself, he thinks people who can cast 100' is a lot more common than I think. I think not a lot of guys can really do it. I suppose it doesn't help his view on this that he was casting in the 80'+ range in about the first 15 minutes of casting. If everyone I showed how to cast picked it up like this I'd be the most sought after instructor on the planet. They don't. He's an oddity.
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