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    Hook and Hackle Hi Floater is a great line for about $30. It is pretty much all I fish now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtom61 View Post
    Hi Arnold,

    Just a quick hi and wanted to mention not only do I have several of Justin's reels, WFF lines, and his NanoTi rods and am pleased with everything, but wanted to also mention i'm in SF daily and I'm also a member of the GGACC at Golden Gate Park. The ponds are probably some of the best in the US, which you probably already found out. They just finished hosting the 2011 World Spey Casting Spey-O-Rama tournament. If you haven't already, think about joining the club. Among their many events which are free, they also have free casting lessons given by some pretty good instructors, many FFF certified, the first Saturday of each month.

    Hope to see you at the "ponds"


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    Hi Arnold,

    Other options to check out locally since you are in SF would be Orvis (which folks seem to either like or dislike) which is right around the block from Leyland. Orvis is on Sutter St, Leyland is on Bush St, both between Grant and Kearny Sts. I've found the folks very helpful at both places.

    The other consideration is right down Hwy 101 in San Carlos, the California Fly Shop. It's fairly large with a nice selection of things and the staff there were also very helpful. Victor and Steve I think are the guys I visit there. It's larger in size than either Orvis or Leyland.

    Good luck.

    Gerry, I'll be a member very shortly. Ironically I met some members over by chrissy field last week, all were using speys, and they told i missed an epic event, the spey tourny. I might head down to the peninsula to check out the fly shop. I recall there was once a small fly shop on clement around 26-27th, do you know if that shop is still around?

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    That's great, Arnold. I'm sure i'll see you out there. I try and go Friday afternoons. Small world, I know my cousin and his buddies from the GGACC go to Crissy Field often to Spey on Friday's i Bert, Al, or Sigi sound familiar? Maybe it was one of them.

    I know the shop, but I don't think it's there any longer. Right side of Clement heading out to ocean beach, right?

    Good luck and keep in touch.


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    I could not recall there names, but all were using "skagit" tfo rods and one gentleman in particular gave me some great advice, he told me he writes for saltwater fly magazine of some sort.

    Having lived my entire life in the same neighborhood, yes, the world is pretty small.


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    Default Re: Newbie who needs fly line recs

    Justin had the Yellow line on clearance for $9 I think

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