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    I was spooling up my reel for my switch rod. I added the backing then I looked to the line. Actually, it was a 37ft shooting head. It was recommended by the rod manufacturer (Elkhorn) for this rod for both overhead and spey casting. I was under the assumption that this was a full length line.

    So, I spooled on a good bit of Amnesia as a running line. For some reason, I'm not real comfortable with this.

    Any recommendations on running lines? I've seen them from $10 up to $50.
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    I use a Rio, low-memory running line. SA, I believe, make a good one too.

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    I have Rio Powerflex Core Shooting Lines on my six weight Spey rig. I have the .024" size. I might switch it out to the .030" size for easier handling.

    I have heard good things about Airflo's shooting line, too.

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    The best of the mono lines is Climaxes Zip, it is a coated oval line that is very low memory. You don't have to take my word for it, just ask any guide on MI Pere Marquette river where they make a living using straight running line and lead for Steelhead and Salmon. Cortland has a PE coated braided running line the shoots great called RPG, but stay away from it in temps colder than 40. All of the Fly line companies make floating running lines, Cortlands is available in .27 or .31 diameter.

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