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  1. Default Newbie Question: Shop cut loop off my new line?

    Forgive the newb question-
    Just bought my first "nice" reel and flyline yesterday in preparation for upcoming trip (AK!). Line is 8wt SA Mastery GPX, and I had the shop wind it on my new reel for me. Anyway, I got home and noticed that the GPX line had no welded loop on the end, but rather a leader that had been nail-knotted to what looks like the cut end of the flyline. Is this weird? Thx in advance.

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    Default Re: Newbie Question: Shop cut loop off my new line?

    I guess it all boils down to personal preference. Some folks like the ease of the welded loop for changing leaders, some prefer the nail knot. The welded loop to leader connection doesn't flow through the guides as well as the nail knot connection and some folks find that really annoying, but then you loose the ease of changing leaders. Are you sure your line actually had a welded loop, some lines don't. Make sure you put a dab of glue on the end of the line so it doesn't absorb water over time.


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    Default Re: Newbie Question: Shop cut loop off my new line?

    I am beginning to believe that the welded loop is the best butt connector going. I quit using the braided loops about 15 years ago because big game proved that they (braided loops) could be torn from the line. A nail knot can also be torn from the line when the right amount of force is generated. If you are concerned you will need to make a new loop in your line. A nail knot is just fine for general trout fishing but when you go after the big fish take every step you can to ensure that your terminal tackle will weather the storm.

    Welcome to the forum Wrex,


  4. Default Re: Newbie Question: Shop cut loop off my new line?

    Thanks guys. Since this setup was purchased for salmon fishing on the Alagnak River in AK (i.e. bigger fish), should I ask the shop about the loop (i.e. complain), or just deal with it? I wouldn't even bring it up, but it was a $70 line...

    (Trying to import photo of line, can't seem to figure it out...)

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    Default Re: Newbie Question: Shop cut loop off my new line?

    Hey, I am sure you probably checked but...did they put the thing on backwards? Is the loop being used to join the backing to the fly line via loop to loop?
    Had this happen to me. I do my own now.

    Just a thought, before you 'complain'. At $70 a pop...I would. But that's me. I like the welded loops as well as the braided ones.

  6. Default Re: Newbie Question: Shop cut loop off my new line?

    Another newb question - how could I check if they put the line on the reel backwards? It is a WF line, so how long is the thin tip of the line before I should see thick, WF line?

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    If it's on backwards it won't cast well at all, because the thin running line won't load your rod.

    Anyway, if it is a Mastery series GPX 8wt WF line it should have about 1/2 foot of thin level line followed by about 8 feet of taper, followed by about 29 feet of level belly, followed by about 7 feet of rear taper. The rest would be thin diameter running line.

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    Default Re: Newbie Question: Shop cut loop off my new line?

    Hi wrex,

    I don't know this for sure but if your line does not have a welded loop it is an older GPX fly line. You can buy them on line for a discount. For instance Feather-Craft is selling them for $48. I are guessing that you bought an older line they had in stock. It is still a good fly line but maybe not worth $70 to some people.

    There are new Kevlar Super braided loops with Kevlar woven into the loop. If they are fasten with a nail knot and glued they should hold pretty good. I have one on a 9wt line but have not fished it yet.


  9. Default Re: Newbie Question: Shop cut loop off my new line?

    I had a similar experience when I first took up fly fishing. I was not happy about the fly shop cutting off my loop. However, not all fly lines come with a welded loop and even if they do some "old school" fly shop people have very little faith in the quality of welded loops. they cut them off and give you a leader with a nail-knot in it because they think its better. Its nice to think they want to set you up to the best of their ability.

    As far as nail-knot being weaker than a welded loop. All of my big rods are Multi-tip lines with nail-knots at the end of each tip. I have not had any issues with them failing.

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    Default Re: Newbie Question: Shop cut loop off my new line?


    It is not a big problem, as all welded loops wear out after a while. When you have tied lots of tippet onto the leader and the leader is getting too short, you can cut it off down to a foot or so and then tie a perfection loop in the end of the leader - this then becomes your "loop" for future "loop-to-loop" connection with new leaders.

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