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    Default Wright & McGill bamboo rod - what line?

    Wright & McGill "Stream and Lake" model.

    Can you recommend the type and weight of line (floating and sinking tip) for this 9' 3pc, circa 1950 bamboo rod (that I just bought at a vintage rod fair).

    I have been unable to find any info on the Internet regarding what weight of line it was originally designed for. My guess is that it seems to be a slow parabolic action - if that matters any.

    I've been using some old Cortland 444 6/7WF line, but it seems to overpower the rod (or perhaps I'm just not used to the greater flexing of bamboo)

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    Default Re: Wright & McGill bamboo rod - what line?

    Hi and welcome to the forum,

    I'm sorry but I am not familiar with the rod you have. If there are no markings on the butt and a 6/7 feels heavy I would load a DT 5 if you have one or if a friend has one, even better. It could be a 6 also but either way I would put a DT on a wood rod.


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    Default Re: Wright & McGill bamboo rod - what line?

    Most of the W/M 9 ' boo should fish a DT6 nicely....but it depends on the weight of the rod...Do you have the original tube? if so it should tell you the weight...If it is 4/34 oz - it should be a 5 wt....5 oz - will be a 6. Regardless these Bamboos were made for DT line. Just a side note...the Stream and Lake is the model that replaced the Granger Champion model. I have an 8.5 Granger Champion that I use a Sylk DT5 on and like it a lot... The Sylk really does well with the smaller guides of that era Bamboo... Enjoy the rod...Boo is a lot of fun.

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