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Thread: Orvis wonderline WF a good choice?

  1. Default Orvis wonderline WF a good choice?

    I was going to order a reel from Orvis, and if you order a line from them as well they will throw in free backing.

    So my question is....... Are the orvis wonderline wf floating lines any good? or would i be much better off getting a different fly line. (If so, which lines)?

    I will use it mostly for trout fishing.


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    Default Re: Orvis wonderline WF a good choice?

    I have owned a few and they were fine to fish with.

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    Default Re: Orvis wonderline WF a good choice?

    Somebody, on here I think, said the coating on the wonder line was soft and wore quickly, check it out ,I could be wrong, not about the coating, about the source.

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    Default Re: Orvis wonderline WF a good choice?

    I have them on my reels and they are just fine. Going on three seasons with my client rods and no problems.
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  5. Default It is Rio with an Orvis coating

    Rio makes most if not all Orvis lines (so said my Orvis store manager), and it seems to be supported by the similarity of their various products.

    Orvis does apply a "special coating" on top of the Rio line. It may help, but it certainly could not hurt.

    I have always been pleased with my Orvis lines (trout, saltwater and bass), and it seems that most people with Rio lines are pleased with them.

    So, compare prices for everything Orvis versus Rio to decide which is a better deal.

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    Default Re: Orvis wonderline WF a good choice?

    In Trout and Salmon they tested 27 7 WF,s they had 3 testers, and on a scale 1 to 10 the Orvis wonderline got 8-9-9 September 2003 so I guess it,s a good line after all. Still read that somewhere.

  7. Default Re: Orvis wonderline WF a good choice?

    Thanks guys!!

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