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    Default Airflow Line - Fast Action

    I have recently been turned on to Airflow lines by a local fly shop in Wisconsin. I'd never given any thought to them in the past. I purchased the line and am anxious to use it.

    I've soured on Rio lines over the past year. I clean the lines, dress the lines, etc., but they just haven't lasted. So I purchased the Airflow Ridge Line Supple Tactical fly line for my 4 wt. ZXL. I'll be throwing it next weekend for some spring creek trout. It is replacing Rio Gold.

    On my Sage Z-Axis 9'4 wt. I use SA GPX. I get much better performance out of GPX line - weighted a half size hire than standard 4 wt. line. The line performs very well for me on this rod.

    For my Z-Axis 9'5 wt. I just purchased the new SA Textured GPX line - to try something new. I was looking for an Airflow line to try for a fast action rod. From what I've read, the Airflow line recommended for fast action rods is the Ridge Supple Impact line - but it only comes in CORAL or WHITE! Just don't want to trout fish those lines.

    That's a lot of background to get to my question - does anyone use Airflow line on a fast action rod that would use a Grand or GPX in Rio or SA - and which one?

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    Default Re: Airflow Line - Fast Action

    First off, if you don't like the color you can always dye it. Ard did a really good tutorial on the process. Second I have gone around and around with a few people over white lines. I think it is the best color to not spook fish. People generally look at this from the wrong side of the line. The angler's side. Fish see it from the fishes side not to overstate the obvious. Fish evolved white bellies because it makes them harder to see against the sky. I have several white lines and I line fish all the time. I still clobber 'em. I have a blue RIO which has a rediculous number of hours on it and is still in good shape by the way. It is another good color to line fish with and get away with it. If you line a fish with a darker colored line against a light sky it is going to be very visible to the fish. On the other hand I also get fish with bright Orange lines so color is most likely not as big a deal as some make it out to be. I still like white though.
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    Default Re: Airflow Line - Fast Action

    I too don't take line color too seriously as I try not to let the fish see it. Regarding Airflo (or any other brand) have to cast different lines with any rod to clearly ascertain which enhaces performance the most, it is the match-up more than the "best" line. In any event; I think RIO Gold is a very good line on Z-Axis, a better loader and more delicate presenter than too clunky and short rear-tapered GPX. Airflo Ridge works well on the Sage but delivers with a harsher kick. A better 1/2 size heavy line might be RIO's Grand but it is no delicay champ either. Z-Axis does NOT need to be overlined. Airflo has a new Ridge model, the Rangefinder, with a very long head-rear taper combo that I am trying on a fast 5-weight with posative results. All modern fly lines take some maintanance and I have found the newer RIOI's to hold up much better than earlier models. SA is still at the forfront of fly line chemistry and Airflo, who's tapers have been lagging has dynamicly progressed with input from some notable American anglers. To reiterate, and I know it is hard and expensive to do (try getting together with a group from you local fishing club and swap lines on your like sized rods), trying several different lines sid-by-side is the only way to fine tune a rods performance.

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