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Thread: Backing

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    What would be a recommended backing for a 9/10 reel this will be used for Saltwater? Also makes.

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    I am not up to specs on all the new products but I use 36 lb Cortland Saltwater Micron on all my reels. Always remember; make sure your backing is heavier break strength than your leader by at least 10 lbs. And make the connection between backing and line both strong and smooth so it will shoot through the guides with no problems.

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    30 pound Micron is the norm.

    55 pound Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braid is becoming more popular here in the West. The diameter of it is the same thickness as 12 pound Micron, and it is non-abrasive. Many use it for Spey reels, but some use them for their saltwater reels where backing capacity is important.


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    I'd go with Micron too. The catch is that a reel for a 9 weight rod is "on the cusp" between reels designed for 8 weight rods normally spooled with 20 lb Micron, and 10 weight reels normally spooled with 30lb.

    Check the backing capacity of you reel ( should be available with the packaging if you've already bought it, or on-line if not.

    Since you're in Florida, you may get into into some fish that can really smoke. Although reds and specs won't give you too much trouble, you never know what you might run into out there- pretty much anywhere you could run into 100 lb sharks, big 'cuda, jack crevalle, on flats you might have a shot at bones, permit, and medium sized tarpon, and if you're in a boat it could be anything.

    You'd want at least 100 yards of backing minimum, 150 yds or more is better. If you can get away with 30 lb Micron (standard for reels designed to be used with 10 weight rods) than go with that. If the specs for the reel say fly line plus 20lb = 100yds, I'd go with 20 since with 30 lb you'd have less--- and even less backing if you "overline" with a heavier (and thicker) line.

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