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Thread: Backing?

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    I just got back into fly fishing after a decade off, and it seems the backing now is the same as then. I started thinking, why? I've been bass fishing and using braid for almost all my fishing, mostly 30, 40, and 50lb lines, all of them are thinner than the std. backing sold at fly shops. So why is it that we use the thick backing of yesterday and not the newer braids like power pro? The thing that got me thinkin about this mainly was my need for a 10wt reel and having a few 7/8 reels I thought why not just put 200yds(possibly more) of 40lb power pro and have plenty of room for a 10wt line on say my Ross Canyon BG4, or one of my Bauers. Would there be any disadvantage to doing this? Maybe I should go a little thicker to help with tangles, even the 65lb PP is(atleast feels to be) thinner than the 30lb backing I just had filled on one of my spools.

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    Actually braids are used more than you think in the fly fishing world. An advantage is more capacity. Another is a higher retrieval rate since the arbor plus layers of backing is not affected by the loss of backing as much as that of standard Dacron backing.

    One of the downsides of backing is that they will tangle up underneath each layer if you go too small. 55 pound test or higher is recommended since that has the diameter roughly of 12 pound test Dacron.

    A performance downside of using your 7/8 reel on your 10 weight rod is that your line retrieval rate will be slower since you are using a smaller reel. A larger diameter reel will take in line faster.

    Another downside of using your 7/8 reel is that it may not feel balanced on your 10 weight rod.

    If you can afford another reel, I would make that happen.


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    Hi wishiniwerfishin,

    The 40 pound PP is too thin. The 65 PP will work just fine. You might be able to get Tuff Line a few dollars cheaper.


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    Thanks guys, I hadn't thought of arbor diamiter and retrieve speed...... I'll probably spool up my BG4 with 65lb and see how I like it. It's going to be used mostly for chasing lmb for now. I should be able to get a new reel by the time the linesides start running.

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