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    Default Ultra light wt line

    I am building a TXL-F 1wt. I know that when you go ultra light you also have to be ultra sensative when it comes to weight and taper of you line . I am thinking of getting 2wt double taper or 1wt WF. I fish small rivers and lakes for native trout. What line do you recomend.

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    Default Re: Ultra light wt line

    I'm don't own the TXL-F, but do have a TXL and in 4wt. From what I learned researching, it liked the Sage Quiet Taper or Rio Trout LT/Selective Trout line. I like mine with Trout LT, and in WF.
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    Default Re: Ultra light wt line

    Hi iciclecreek,

    I don't have a lot of experience with these light line rods. The light line rods I have seen have very soft tips. I think a 2wt double taper on a 1wt would be too heavy. I think the double taper is a good choice but I would get a 1wt DT. Remember that a DT and WF of the same line will have the same weight and taper in the first 30'.

    I guess if you are making a lot of 15' cast then a double taper 2wt would work good. It all depends on how you are going to use your setup.

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    Default Re: Ultra light wt line

    You might stop by your local Sage dealer, explain your issue and ask if you might cast their production rod with a sample shop line or three. Between their advice and your experimentation you could reward them by purchasing the correct line like one of the ones mentioned above. Keep in mind that if you are mounting a dimunuative reel on this delicate rod, its capacity will likely be limited thus a WF1 or 2F is probably appropriate.

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