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Thread: RIO Trout LT

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    Default RIO Trout LT

    I'm looking at getting a better line for my Redington Classic Trout 4 wt. It's more of a medium speed rod so I know I don't want any of the lines made for faster rods.

    After doing some reading I'm just about settled on the RIO Trout LT but just thought I would ask here first.

    Will be used for general purpose fishing that includes small dries, nymphs, etc, but also things like small wooly buggers and gurglers for panfish and bass in our urban lakes.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: RIO Trout LT

    I have this line and its predecessor on medium rods and it works real well. I have paired it with

    Sage Launch 3wt
    Elkhorn traveler 1 and 3wt
    St Croix Legend Ultra 4wt
    St Croix avid 3wt

    it worked real well on all of those
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    Default Re: RIO Trout LT

    I cast this line on a 490-4 Launch which has a medium fast action and was pleased with the results when throwing dries. I wasn't quite as thrilled when I was tossing weighted nymphs and streamers though. YMMV. You may want to consider Gold as that has a slightly heavier head which would help in fishing nymphs or streamers. Also the heads on LT and Gold have different tapers. The Trout LT line is marketed as their more technical trout line where delicate presentations are a key and while it may work, I Gold is marketed and designed to be their General Presentation line.

    I have Gold paired up with a BIIX Winston which to me is more of a medium action rod. I really like Gold on the Winston rod and nymph, throw small streamers and dries with it.

    Hope this helps.
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