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fishiowa 12-27-2011 06:20 AM

Wulff TT more reel space than WF?
Does this taper take up more room on the reel than a WF design? If so, significantly more?

wt bash 12-27-2011 09:09 AM

Re: Wulff TT more reel space than WF?
Not that I've noticed. I use it on my 3wt and 5wt and haven't had to reduce the backing on either reels.

fishiowa 12-27-2011 11:45 AM

Re: Wulff TT more reel space than WF?

sweetandsalt 01-09-2012 02:35 PM

Re: Wulff TT more reel space than WF?
Though the Wulff WFTT is a half-size heavy line, it has thinner running line than most WF lines, thus taking up "average" capaciaty on a reel. There are many who swear by this design but I'll caution a few things: 1. Unless you are extending all or most of the head during a cast it does not load some rods very well, not great for short casts with a long leader. 2. the abrupt change in diameter from the rear (thickest) part of the head to that thin running line can yield a "hinge" when mending or reach csting. 3. Due to its small diameter, the running line tangles more than some others.

Just muinets ago, I finished winding one off a reel and re-rigging it with an extended head, long rear taper design.

spug 01-11-2012 11:09 AM

Re: Wulff TT more reel space than WF?
The TT line is still a weight forward line. It just has a progressive taper down from theback of the head to the tip as opposed to most other WF lines that have "steps" in different locations on the head. Personally I love the stuff foe longer casts but like sweetandsalt said, it has a hard time loading faster rods with less than the full head out. I fished the Bermuda Triangle on my TCX 7 for a year and really liked it! For dock lights (shorter casts) I would load it up with a heavier line.

Scroll through SA's or Rio's site for example and they show all of their line tapers. That'll give you an idea of the thousands of different shaped WF heads out there. It can make you crazy! It did me for a couple years when I started really studying lines. Also, look at the actual grain ratings before making decisions. Hope this helps!

wt bash 01-11-2012 01:05 PM

Re: Wulff TT more reel space than WF?
I should have added in my post that fish alot of glass rods and they do fine at short distance and rollcast like a dream long or short.

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