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Thread: Presentation line for BIIIX 6wt

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    I'm thinking of adding a presentation line for my 9' BIIIX 6wt. I'm currently fishing a RIO grand on it. Loads the rod deep even though I think I could get by with the Gold. I love the RIO Grand for big dries and nymphing but I plan on making some trips to rivers with smaller bugs and +20" trout. So far I've just used a 12' leader with the RIO Grand and it works ok and I can get by with it but I figured adding another line wouldn't hurt.

    I've been looking at RIO's Trout LT and the new SA Trout Stalker. Any other recommendations? Maybe a Wulff TT or just a standard DT.

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    I use Rio Gold on my BIIx 6 weight. It is a fantastic all around line and a great match for that specific rod. I also have scientific angler mastery trout series line for that rod and it settles down nicely, but does not cast as well as the Rio Gold. I might use that for a decent presentation line if you do not go down to the Rio Selective Trout or other comparable fly lines.

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    Thanks I was actually looking at that line also. Seems the taper may be a bit better if I forget to bring the Grand or I'm lazy and don't want to switch out to nymph small stuff.

    Maybe just going to the Gold would be the easiest but since I already have the Grand I thought a line that compliments might make sense instead.

    Seems the Trout Stalker is more of a distance presentation line. The front taper is longer on the Trout Stalker than the Trout taper but not as long as the Rio Trout LT.

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    Default Re: Presentation line for BIIIX 6wt

    I just put the trout stalker on a TXL 4 wt and it is FANTASTIC, so supple, lays out nicely, floats high.......great stuff
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    Teeny carries a Gary Lafontaine trout line in their Professional Series that I like. Sensitive taper for presentation, drab dark olive color for stealth.

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    Unfair for me to comment as I have yet to use it but Trout Stalker (on paper) is the presentation specialist. Yes I like Gold a lot too and, if you want to get exotic, the Airflo Ridge Rangfinder is a contender here too. Come trout season, I intend to test all these extended head, long rear taper presentaions specialists against one another using a #5 Sage ONE test bed which is perfect with Gold but...we shall see!

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