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    Default fly line: choices are swallowing me

    The more I search the internet the less valuable information I find. I'm looking for some new fly lines. After using mostly SA GPX, Wulff TT, and Rio Gold for the last several years I am Looking to try something, or some brands that are a little less expensive. I must say there are so many fly lines out there that I pretty much cant see the forest through the trees. I am looking for some WF all around lines that will turn over a variety of flies, and at the same time allow for some cannon like distance. I've looked for some objective reviews on various lines but really have found very little information of any value. anyone have and objective information on some of the less expensive brands ie. Loop, AirFlo, Teeny ect?


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    Default Re: fly line: choices are swallowing me

    take a look at airflo ridge lines.
    i have a few and really like them
    hope this helps.



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