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    Default Chart for Leader Tippet Selection

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is a leader tippet chart with suggestions for selecting fly size based on tippet size. This was in the FAQ section but disappeared so I have rebuilt the chart. I plan on adding this to the FAQ section but posted it here for your comments or suggestions.

    NOTE: Leader diameters and strengths vary from manufacture to manufacture and with different materials or processes.
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    Default Re: Chart for Leader Tippet Selection

    Frank: Thanks! Personally, I don't like using anything below 7x and a size 22 fly. My eyesight just can't handle the really small stuff.


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    Default Re: Chart for Leader Tippet Selection

    Frank, thanks for posting the chart.


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    Default Re: Chart for Leader Tippet Selection

    I usually use 5 and 6x here in Oklahoma. Did use 8x and size 32's in WV a couple of weeks ago. Broke off a few times because of being use to 5 and 6x. Thanks for the chart.

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