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  1. Default Line Choice for 10ft 7wt Z-Axis

    Just got a 10ft 7wt Sage Zaxis for Lahontan cutthroat at Pyramid Lake, as well as steelhead rod for yearly trip to the Trinity. I'm super stoked, but wondering what would be the best way to line this rod (with a floater).

    I have a Rio 250gr DC sink tip already, so I'm looking for a floating line for use with nymphing (both with and without indys), maybe a streamer when the 250gr would take me too deep.

    I had a 9ft 5wt Zaxis before that I overlined by 1 wt 'cause I though it was pretty fast. I'm thinking about doing the same with this rod - using a 8wt Rio Gold or Rio Steelhead/Salmon line. Does this sound appropriate, or should I just go with a 7wt version of one of the above lines? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Line Choice for 10ft 7wt Z-Axis

    I just put a Rio Steel/Salmon line on a 7wt 9' fast action and I must say I'm having a little difficulty getting it to behave. I would go with the Gold.

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    Default Re: Line Choice for 10ft 7wt Z-Axis

    I just came back from a successful steelhead trip to Northern Michigan. I went with the Rio Steelhead / Salmon WF 8F line and it was awesome for handling the heavy double nymph rigs, plus it is great for mending and roll casting. My rod is a Bass Pro CV2 8wt. Its action is medium to medium fast.

    FWIW, the drift boat guide preferred my rig to his Sage and Loomis GLX rods with conventional WF lines.

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    Default Re: Line Choice for 10ft 7wt Z-Axis

    My recommendation may be so far out of the ordinary that some guys may think that I'm a wack job.

    Since line control is not an issue at Pyramid, get with a WF7F Rio Outbound Short. The 265 grain short head design will help you throw all your hardware wherever you need to present it. When those Pyramid winds are up (when aren't they?), the extra grain mass will be your friend.

    If you want a line that will give you double usage when you are nymphing on the Big T, get the Rio Salmon/Steelhead taper in a WF8F or a WF9F depending on the hardware that you wish to throw.


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  6. Default Re: Line Choice for 10ft 7wt Z-Axis

    Thanks for the tips, guys.

    Dennis - I like the idea of the Outbound Short. I have a Rio Streamertip (which has a taper based on that line) on another rod and IMO it is the best-shooting line in my quiver right now. I will probably get an O.B. Short in a subsurface version this this rod in the near future. My concern is regarding mending a floating version when I'm fishing rivers.

    I was hoping to get one floater that has the follow characteristics (in order of importance to me)-
    1)Overhand casting distance (Pyramid)
    2)Mend-ability while indicator nymphing (Trinity and "Big" Truckee)
    3)Sufficient roll casting line (Everywhere)

    The Gold seems attractive 'cause it seem to do everything pretty well. Am I on the right track here? Big question: should I overline to an 8wt with whatever I get? Thanks in advance to all who have advice on this.

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