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Thread: Cabela line

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    Cabelas has trout line for $30, $40, and $60. The $40 line appears to have all the attributes of more expensive line (i.e., $70 line) from other manufacturers. Is the Cabelas $40 line a good line, or should I stick with $70 lines from RIO or SA?

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    I like both Cabelas and SA....but I try never to buy a flyline at retail cost. For instance currently Cabelas has Airflo EX for $29.99 regular $59.99 I bought this line and it casts great (another recent poster was raving about this line) In addition....I bought cabela's "premier" $60 line recently for $40 - on sale....and I love this line also and have been using it regularly on my 5 wt. That being said I'm also a big fan of Scientific Anglers GPX line...just not at $70

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    I have no regrets about spending $100 for Sharkskin, or $70 for other premium lines. But, if I see a sale for a line that's being discontinued, and I need it, I'll buy it. Check Sierra Trading Post. Joni and I picked up some Sage Bluegill 230 gr. line for $30. I have it on an Allen reel ( shameless plug) for carp fishing. They have line on sale all the time. Also, speaking of Allen, I haven't tried their lines, but for the price, I'd try them if I was starting out. What cha got to loose.
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    I have fished Cabelas lines, the lower range ones have a bit of memory so you have to stretch them before fishing if they have set on a spool for a while, but the upper end lines are pretty decent. I never buy a line at full price either, but for the most part, I have found that any line that I have owned (both cheap and expensive) that has set on a reel for a while needs a good stretch before fishing. You can probably cast further with a sharkskin or other high quality line but I do most of my fishing between 30 and 50 feet and most of it these days from a float tube so this is not a giant selling point for me. I do have an allen line I picked up a while back which I have not fished yet, but, am putting it on a reel tonight for a trip this weekend. I will try to remember to report back on it. My buddy said Allen does not sell lines anymore, not sure if that is true or not, but the price was good, and, I will let you know how they fish next week.

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