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    Default line to leader connection.

    Just wanted some opinions on this connection. I have in the past just used a butt section attached to the fly line with a nail knot and then a Loop-to-Loop connection on the other end. Is there a "newer better" way of doing this where the line goes thru the guides better? I just bought a fly reel and spare spool with line on it and the previous owner has a loop in the end of the fly line. Looks rather large to go thru guides easily. By the way I will in this case be working on 6wt line, large trout, bass.
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    Default Re: line to leader connection.

    If the loop on the end of the fly line is too big, you may just have to cut it off and add a new, smaller loop yourself. The welded loops on newer fly lines are incredibly compact. You can use store-bought loops or tie your own, but I think this depends on the type of fishing your doing and the stress that will be put on the loop. The option, which some people use though I do not, is applicable if you make your own leaders or find yourself using the same leader all the time, though with any number of leader changes it starts slowly trimming down your fly line's length. That option is to nail-knot your leader to the fly line, then coat this connection with some sort of glue/epoxy or heatshrink tubing to make a smooth football to run through the guides. This is probably your smoothest possible option but certainly limits on-the-fly leader changes.
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  3. Default Re: line to leader connection.

    As explained by Terry Gunn, Lee's Ferry Veteran Guide:

    "Loops hang up in the guides; I've seen thousands of fish broken off because of that and countless rod tips broken when people attempt to pull out stuck leaders.

    Loops create a hinge between the leader and fly line when casting, add more mass and can be wind resistant.

    Loops can create a point of attraction for leader and tippet and can create a knot that would have otherwise slid over a clean knot.

    You can tie a nail knot (tie fast nail knot tool) or a surgeons every bit as fast or faster as you can a loop knot and end up with a clean and continuous connection.

    Loops catch fisherman not fish."

    Couldn't say it better myself.

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