I'm visiting the Selway the middle of July, around Selway Falls area I think. I have two 6wt fly rods I need to outfit with line for the trip. One is 9' med-fast action, the other is 8'6" med-fast. The issue is I live in Wisconsin and primarily fly fish lakes for Musky/Pike/Bass, and its the first time out to the Selway and not sure when I'll get the chance again. I'd like to put lines on the 6wt rods that I can use both on the Selway river and in Wisconsin lakes. I'd also like one pole setup for dry flies/surface and one for wet flies/pools. There are so many brands and lines available, I've done too much reading, I'm on overload!

This is what I'm looking at but not sure if will accomplish my goals for line. I'm partial to Rio but open to check out alternatives:

dry flies/surface: Rio Gold WF6F Moss/Gold or Rio Windcutter II WF6F

wet flies/pools: Rio 15ft Type 6 Sinking Tip WF6F/S6 or Rio Deep 6 Full Sink WF6S6

Did Rio replace the Windcutter II with a new line? I don't see it on their web site.

Also, would my 8wt be overkill on the Selway?

thanks for any and all help!