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  1. Default Orvis leader to non-Orvis line?

    Hey fellsa,

    I just picked up some leaders from Orvis. However, they have a loop at the end and are meant to be connected to their fly line which has another loop. I do not have orvis fly line so how could i connect the two?


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    Default Re: Orvis leader to non-Orvis line?

    Lines other than Orvis come with loops as well, so it's not an Orvis leader to non-Orvis line issue. You can either cut the loop off your leader and connect it to the line with a nail knot. Or you can add a loop to your line. There's actually an active thread on replacing (or adding) a loop to your fly line
    Replacing the welded loop

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    Default Re: Orvis leader to non-Orvis line?

    "Simples" as the Brit's would say. Very common stuff so no big deal.

    Fly line dependent, just take a 2 foot bit of Maxima leader and nail knot same to the end of your fly line and put a loop on the end. Attach your leader (loop to loop) to his. The dependent part is the rod weight; as an example 10# on a 3 wt, 25- 30## on an eight or nine. The bit is rod weight dependent as you don't want that section to hinging off the end of your fly line (transfer of energy if you will).
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    Default Re: Orvis leader to non-Orvis line?

    As Fred says, you want to match the diameter of the end of your fly line with the diameter of the mono that is nail knotted to the fly line. Use Maxima Chameleon which is a stiff mono. Here is a chart of lbs vs diameter

    Maxima Chameleon Monofilament Leader Material at - America's Tackle Shop!

    For a 5 or 6 wt line, I use the 25 lb test 0.020" diameter line; and for a 4 wt line I use the 20 lb test .017" diameter line.

    If you don't have a hollow tube for a nail knot, use the nail-less nail knot.

    [ame=]borger knot - YouTube[/ame]

    Then cover the knot with UV knot sense or Pliobond to smooth the knot so that it won't get caught in the rod guides.

    Then you tie a perfection loop to the end of the Maxima and use that for a loop to loop connection.

    Instead of using the Maxima, you can cut the loop off of the leader and tie it directly to the fly line with the nail knot. Then when you need a new leader, use the butt section of the old leader as a connector. Cut it back leaving enough to tie a perfection loop to the old butt section, and attach the new leader to it.


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    Default Re: Orvis leader to non-Orvis line?

    If you don't ordinarily use a loop connection, it's a lot easier to clip the loop off the leader than to add one to your fly line.

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