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    Ok, so I plan on setting up a Redington Persuit 8 wt with an SLV reel here in the next week or so, but can't seem to decide on which line I would like to use. The primary use is going to be spring run steelhead, but it will also see a fair amount of warm water pike/bass action as well. Not sure if a shooting taper would be better, or whether I should set up with a steelhead taper and make due slinging pike streamers?

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    Find yourself a Rio Coldwater Clouser Line. It is a compromise line that will give you a slightly longer head which will help for line control with some extra mass in the tip to help one turn over bigger flies.

    If you are not used to throwing large pike streamers, get a WF9F. The extra line mass will allow you to feel your rod load more.

    If you are experienced in throwing large pike streamers, a WF8F should be fine.


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