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Thread: 7 wt line advice

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    Default 7 wt line advice

    I just bought a 7 wt TFO BVK, and already have a sinking line for it... I'm looking for a WFF line that'll tackle bass and reds, but also work well enough for big streamers for trout. I'm leaning towards the Orvis Hydros Saltwater All-Rounder (they claim it'll handle all sorts of conditions), but would like to get some opinions... Any help greatly appreciated


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    Default Re: 7 wt line advice

    Sorry but I have no experience with these lines. Perhaps someone will be able to help.

    Welcome to the forum, I'll hope that your next post draws some replies.


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    Default Re: 7 wt line advice

    welcome here as well.
    as far as an all around line, i would say orvis clearwater or SA streamer would be ok. also search online for other deals.



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    Default Re: 7 wt line advice

    My wife fishes a BVK #8 for bonefish and based on our line mating experience with the #8, we have determined that the BVK likes a 1/2 size heavy line. Since you will be throwing to reds and using some larger flies, here are a couple of lines to consider: RIO 1/2 size heavy Redfish taper and my wife's preference, 1/2 size heavy SA Magnum Taper. RIO Grande and SA GPX would work too but are not specificly intended for the salt.

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    Default Re: 7 wt line advice

    I personally would run with a SA Mastery Textured Clear Tip Saltwater Line if I was you...

    It sinks slow enough that it will still work for shallow water Redfish, BUT with a weighted fly, you can get down really well so would work fine for Trout fishing and of course it would work well for streamers for Bass too.

    Don't worry about it being a warm water line, I have used it in air temps in the 50's and water temps in the low 50's and it still worked great.

    If you want a floater, I would go with the SA Mastery Redfish taper in warm water format. I personally feel the Rio Redfish taper is an awful design, just me...

    If you go with an Orvis line, go with their Redfish taper, not the saltwater all arounder...

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    Default Re: 7 wt line advice

    thanks for the advice, guys. I'm going to look at the magnum and Redfish warm as my two options for a floater, and may take my full sink back and exchange it for a sink tip like the clear tip mentioned above!

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