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Thread: Recoil strippers and line choice

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    Default Recoil strippers and line choice

    I met a guy on the internet and finally got to meet him yesterday. Had to pick up materials and he lives on Highland Beach- only ten minutes from my supplier. He also builds rods from CTS blanks which are made in New Zealand. Very impressive rods which feel way lighter than even the 10 wt BVK I was using for the first time. It's too bad I don't need another rod or I'd definitely buy one.

    I tried the BVK which had a brand new, never casted, Cortland Liquid 10 WWF on it, but I was getting a lot of friction from the stripping guide. My BVK has recoil guides throughout. The 12 WFF Cortland Crystal does not do that on my rods with ceramic strippers, course I probably don't develop quite as much haul speed with them either, but I really think it's more the guides. The Liquid Crystal coating was softened a bit from the Crystal PE to get better handling, so it might be right on the verge where the added friction from recoils is just too much.

    I may have to get rid of that line, which I really like in the 12 wt. - but not after checking out another line on the BVK. Maybe I will wind up changing out the strippers. I hate to have to do that, but they obviously add more friction in any case, and their weight advantage doesn't amount to much that low on the blank anyhow.

    Just thought I'd give you all a heads up if you are using recoil stripping guides and are thinking about the Cortland Liquid clear line.

    PS: We didn't see a snook one, and were casting into bait schools for a couple hours. Nothing around. But it sure beat racing home from the supplier to unload brass and stainless nonetheless. Cheers, Jim

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    Default Re: Recoil strippers and line choice

    I looked around for someone to change the double hoop REC stripping guide on my GLX Max Linespeed but instead just sold the rod. The guides never made sound but were simply butt-ugly.
    When those stripping guides came out there was a lot of 'hum' on the 'net about the noise they made. Many times it seems that too-clean lines were the cause. If the lines were prepped after cleaning with a line treatment the noise went away. I guess those who used detergent to clean their lines were doing the equivalant of putting resin an a violin bow.
    The buzz on those ReCoil strippers has died down so maybe REC changed the finish on them.
    Could it be that the new LC line has just the right texture to make that dynamo hum, dynamo hum...

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    Default Re: Recoil strippers and line choice

    I've been running Liquid Crystal on a couple of Hardy Proaxis rods with recoil guides all season, and I've had zero friction issues. So I'm wondering if you have a defective guide, a dirty line, or bad guide placement (I doubt). Have you tried cleaning the line than casting?

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    Default Re: Recoil strippers and line choice

    I get odd harmonics on the recoil strippers on my Proaxis when fighting a fish. I like the nickle titanium snakes but would prefer Fuji titanium framed ceramics for strippers.

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    Default Re: Recoil strippers and line choice


    No, I did not grease the line out of the box, and have not tried it since greasing it up.

    Where were you fishing your line? I have no idea since your state is not indicated. Temperature, as you lknow, makes a big difference in line performance. Cheers, Jim

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    Default Re: Recoil strippers and line choice


    BTW, a rod builder friend of mine wholeheartedly believes CTS Affinity blanks create fly rods a bit better than Winston or Sage..... at 2/3 the price. I have to agree.

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    Default Re: Recoil strippers and line choice

    I have it from the 'horses mouth' that, on big game rods that flex low down in the heat of batteling a big boy, Fuji titanium framed strippers will not flex and could bite the surface of the blank. Therefore, sound and looks must yield to the functionality of nickle titanium flex. Note too that Hardy underwraps the stippers on Proaxis...all but a lost art in rod building.

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