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Thread: Leader building

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    Happened to me too. I grew up outside, getting stung was just part of life on the farm. Wouldn't ever get more than some swelling at the site of the sting.

    Fishing early October (few years ago) back in Maryland, there had been yellow jackets buzzing around my head all day, finally took my hat off and knocked one in the water making it fish food. Then we were putting our stuff away after fishing, and there was a yellow jacket on the back of the seat to my buddies a "pre-emptive strike" I took my hat off and went about killing it. That didn't work so good, I hit it with the hat and it looped around and double tapped me on the thumb. About 20 minutes later I had hives the size of my hand covering my torso, and ended up in the ER with anaphylactic shock. ER Techs said to carry benadryl and breaking the capsules under my tongue, said it would absorb fast that way and should keep from having a bad reaction. Haven't had to try that, luckily I haven't been stung since then.

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    A way back in the day I used to do pest control for a living. We learned about many different critters. German wasps (yellow jackets) and bald faced hornets (black and white guys).

    There is a 2$ tip on avoiding getting stung. My buddy and I exterminated hundreds of nests and never got stung once. Away from the nest hornets and wasps are generally frightened of you. However when protecting their nest they attack mercilessly.

    The trick is to see the nest like an airport. Hornets and wasps have a very intricate set of rules regarding their taking off and landing from the nest entrance. If you observe a nest from a distance and watch for a minute or two you will see the flight paths they use to leave and arrive back at the nest. The trick is to not get in the way of or block their flight paths. If you do they will code red on you. If you approach or avoid the nest from the sides or back of nest you can pretty much go unnoticed. I have touched large paper nests from the back without them ever knowing I was there.

    Stay out of their flight paths is the trick.

    I feel ya on getting skunked with a new rod. I had same trouble when I got my 4 wt. St.Croix Imperial
    I think the 3rd trip with it I got lucky. I just stack it up to being part of the process of making a new rod yours. I don't mind getting skunked if I had a peaceful quiet day in the woods on the water.
    "Whale oil beef hooked !"- Traditional east coast fishermen saying

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