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Thread: Cortland Fairplay Floating Orange Fly Line

  1. Default Cortland Fairplay Floating Orange Fly Line

    Cortland Fairplay Floating Orange Fly Line

    I just got this this fly line for only $19.95 and its a bargain. I was wondering if these lines are any good? Have anyone have tried this?

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    Default Re: Cortland Fairplay Floating Orange Fly Line

    They're a good line for the money. Made for beginners, easy to cast.
    They have aggressive taper, similar to a bass bug line.
    Just don't expect to make the most delicate presentations.
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    I bought a WF4F a few years ago at Walmart for $12. The tip sinks if you don't dress it, but otherwise it performs fine on one rod.

    I don't like the color. Your line shouldn't last very long, it absorbs all but a few percent of UV, unlike most fly lines which reflect most UV; so it should stiffen and crack after twenty days in the sun (just a guess).
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    Oh my.. I think i should return this and get a Scientific Fly Lines for an additional $30 and it may worth more as compard to this cheap lines.

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    Default Re: Cortland Fairplay Floating Orange Fly Line

    I don't say this to challenge any other posters but if I had such poor service from a line regardless of the price, I would contact the seller / manufacturer and in the case of Cortland I would think they would make it right.

    I am speaking without having had experience with this line but............ The Cortland Line Co. has been making vinyl fly line for a long time. They are a reputable outfit and I doubt they would market a line that will harden and crack after less than a months use.

    In the final analysis you must determine whether you want an affordable line that you may harbor concerns about......... or do you want to spring for a better ?? line at a higher cost. Since you already chose the Fair Play line I'm guessing that money matters, so why not give it a whirl and see how it works for you?


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    I believe that the fishing tackle manufacturers have statistics on the average days of fishing per year. Twenty full days of fishing is probably a full season for many anglers. (Somehow work, children, spouse, etc., can absorb most of one's free time.)

    Here are the stats - for fly fishing the average number of outings per year is 16.9. See
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    Ard, i guess you are right. Yes, i am at the moment in tight budget. A fews ago i have invested a lot on fly fishing stuff but i lost all my gear. Thats another long story. Now i am trying to build back my equipment little by little. Ok, i will give this line a try. Thanks for the advises guys.

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    Default Re: Cortland Fairplay Floating Orange Fly Line

    I picked up a 6WT at Dick's Sporting Goods on clearance for about $10 last year and I've fished it pretty hard. I use it for Largemouth fishing and it performs just fine for poppers and streamers. RipTide is right though, I wouldn't call it a dry fly line. Fish it til it dies.
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    Default Re: Cortland Fairplay Floating Orange Fly Line

    i had a fairplay line a couple years ago on a back up reel and it held up pretty well. it did its job and for the cost, 15 bucks i believe, not to much to complain about.
    keep it, fish it. when its worn out regulate it to practice casting



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    Default Re: Cortland Fairplay Floating Orange Fly Line

    "This is a full length fly line, a weight forward type of line using Cortland's "Rocket Taper" - which provides a long belly (40') with short front and rear tapers, and a thin level running line behind the head of the fly line. Cost was $19.99 at Dick's Sporting Goods.

    This line comes in a light orange or dark tan color, similar to the color of dry grass in the summer time or early fall. It's made in America (shocking, but refreshing). When spooling the line onto the reel I'm using for it - I noticed the line was pretty tightly coiled onto the spool it came on, and had a bit of memory. This was easily overcome by running the line all the way out, stretching it a bit to straighten it before winding it on. No problemos!"

    Sounds like a very 'entry level' line.
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