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Thread: Distance line

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
    Since no one asked the question, I'm going to ask it.

    What kind of flies do you intend on throwing?

    The right choice of fly line for you will depend on what is being thrown. Will you use sparse flies like a Crazy Charlie? Will you be using bulky flies like Umpqua Swimming Frogs? Longer and slender heads are wonderful for casting sparse flies. Shorter and heavier heads are better for bulky flies.

    You need to keep in mind that a rod and line make up a delivery system. If one piece of the system is off, your fishing day will be off.

    Thanks again for all the info.

    I see your point regarding fly types and line choices.
    I would love to be able to effectivly cast bulky and sparse flies, but the original intent was to cast #4 semi clear gurgler style flies.

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    Has anyone had any experience with the Airflo Ridge full floating/clear tip saltwater line?

    Sounds good on paper!

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