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Thread: Distance line

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    Default Distance line

    Hello all,
    Could I get some expret advice for a floating line or maybe a shooting head system for great distance? Must be floating!
    Rod is a TFO BVK #8

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Distance line

    Quote Originally Posted by alex2 View Post
    Hello all,
    Could I get some expret advice for a floating line or maybe a shooting head system for great distance? Must be floating!
    Rod is a TFO BVK #8

    Thank you.
    For the ultimate in distance a shooting head system can't be beat. The heads can be any length you like bt a 30' head is the norm. The running line can be anything from mono to a coated floating line of very thin diameter. For plain distance I like Rio Slickshooter running line. It's oval shaped and way slick.

    Any long bellied line with a long rear taper and slick finish would fill the bill for a regular floating line. Some of the steelhead tapers would fit in as they have the long head and long rear tapers that are useful for carrying a lot of line.
    SA Expert Distance Mastery Series Expert Distance - Mastery Series - Lines is an 'old reliable' distance line that comes in an 8 weight.

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    I'm not convinced that a shooting head line will give you more distance unless you use mono or something like it as a running line. Using mono as a running line, IMHO, is a real pain.

    There's no simple answer to your question. Many anglers like lines that are a 1/2weight heavier than their rod. (Most lines today are.) Those lines make loading the rod much easier, but harder to carry the longest overhang - the length of running line outside the rod tip - when false casting. To carry the longest overhang a lighter line would be better - though it would initially make it harder to load the rod - which is why some feel that for maximum distance a double taper line is actually the best line.

    (For distance casting on my 5-weight I wanted a line that wasn't a 1/2 weight heavier, so I bought a Hardy line.)

    Shooting lines make it difficult to carry long overhangs.

    In short: what works for one caster might not work for another.

    One thing I'm sure of: Get a low memory line. Coils in the line will limit your casting distance.

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    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Distance line

    Hi Alex,

    I used flat 50 pound mono a long time ago. It'll shoot fine with a 30' head but all that stripping was a pain. These days if I had to cast farther than my fly rod and line will reach I would get a good casting rod and reel setup and let it fly. I used to fish for bass with a 10' noodle rod and a Shimano Spirex 4000 loaded with 6 pound line, that baby would reach out there and there was no stripping in line.

    Don't get me wrong, I love to catch fish on my flies and rods but some situations have made me feel like I was taking one of the old basic IQ tests and repeatedly trying to pound the square peg through the round hole

    I feel the same way about achieving depth with flies. Deep is 8 foot of water, after that I can't get a fly down without sinking lines or weights. Once the sink lines and weights are in the mix I feel like I should have a rod loaded with mono line and a reel to manage the line for me. I have concluded that some places are simply not conducive to fly fishing and I go past them without a second thought.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Kudos! I am a fossil I guess, because I remember and relish the days of fly fishing when weight on line or fly was anathema. Fly fishing only areas in NH and ME - and other states, I'm sure - didn't permit weight as a matter of law until 1992.

    I, too, am quite comfortable to see trout lies that I know I cannot access without weight... and pass them by. We have forgotten the skill required, as illustrated by LaBranche in "The Dry Fly and Fast Water", to bring a trout up the water column to take our fly. LaBranche writes of twenty-five+ casts to the same trout to get him up gradually to take a floating fly. Of course, the fly doesn't need to be floating, but in fast water, getting an unweighted wet fly deeper than ten inches can be a feat.
    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Distance line

    Alex, Since you want floating line and distance I recomend SA Mastery Textured Magnum. It is a half size heavy line which, in my experience, is prefered by TFO BVK #8, has the "textured" technology for reduced friction in the guides and weight is biased toward the front of the taper for extra laod in fast actioned rods. Not the most delicate of delivery lines but we are talking 8-weight distance casting.

    On a seperate note; I concur with the recent posts here regarding fly fishing deep...thoes fish are safe from me too.

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    Default Re: Distance line

    I really appreciate everyones replies.
    Mixed results so it seems.
    Everyone seems to have a personal preference.

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    Default Re: Distance line

    Optimally, Alex, one tries a few different lines with his new rod to see which performs best in his hands. I, like Jackster above, like the SA Expert Distance taper too...but it is a straght 8-weight and BVK #8 loads better in my experience (bonefishing) with a little heavier line. Go to your shop where you bought the rod or are intending to buy the line and see what they have to try. Alos depends on the type of fishing you bought the rod for.

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    Default Re: Distance line

    I don't see any love for the Sharkskin line that everyone was so keen on a couple of years ago. I though that was supposed to be the ****

    I fish deep sometimes.... at least I'm prepared to
    Home made shooting head of LC-13 on a full sink line. It casts a lot easier than you'd think.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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