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  1. Default Dacron or Gel Spun Backing

    I'm getting a 12wt reel soon and wanted some input as to what backing I should get? What pound Gelspun should I use? Or what pound Dacron should i use?

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    What will you be fishing for?
    - William

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    Maily tarpon, but ocasionally some bluwater fish!

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    never fished for Tarpon so have no idea on pound. However, my thought is that if there's a chance the fish will get into your backing you don't want to run out, so get gelspun.
    - William

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    Default Re: Dacron or Gel Spun Backing

    I'm not a Tarpon guy either but I can offer this; if you know what weight tippet you will max out at............... be sure the back line has a heavier break strength. For instance; I use a 15 pound leader for salmon attached to a 25 pound butt, attached to my fly line........... and the backing is 36 pound salt water micron from Cortland.

    Shop for the backing once you make up your mind what weight. I bought a spool with 1200 yards of #36 for 68 dollars about 4 years ago. That may sound like a lot for backing but having a shop put 300 yards on a big reel will run you the better of $30. I bought the big spool so I wouldn't have to worry about backing reels for a while.


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    Default Re: Dacron or Gel Spun Backing

    One of the advantages of having braid as backing is that it takes less space than Dacron. That means you could have more capacity.

    Compare 100 yards of 30 pound Dacron coming off the reel to 100 yards of 50 pound braid. The removal of the 30 pound Dacron coming off the reel will go further towards the arbor than that of the 50 pound braid. That means you will reel in line much slower because the backing diameter got smaller.

    If you choose to go with braid, it is very important that a few layers of Dacron backing be applied to the arbor of the reel. I usually will put about 10 yards of Dacron. One of the problems of braid is that it is much slicker compared to Dacron. Your Arbor Knot loop will spin around the arbor if you try to reel the backing in. A well set Arbor Knot loop of Dacron will bite into the arbor.

    I'd love to see the fish that gets down to the arbor. It hasn't happened to be me, but I have heard verifiable stories on such occurrences.

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    All tackle shops outside of fly shop refer to it as "Braided" rather than "gel-spun", also the price/selection is better at large chain sporting shops than at fly only shops.

    I would suggest going up in weight aprox 2 times on braided as the diameter is so much smaller than dacron. 30# braid is about 1/2 dia of 20# dacron. so 50#-65# braid is smaller than 30# dacron.

    You need Fishkar scissors as nipper/clippers don't work with it. These are cheap and a fabric store has a large selection.

    For my lines every connection is a loop to loop. But Braid is thin so I want a better loop. I start with 4' of double line and use a 6 wrap Surgeons Loop, take extra care to ensure your knot is smooth and secure (use wooden dowels to pull tight). Use a bit thin Super glue before trimming, when cured trim.

    With the double line do a second Surgeons Loop but with only 3-4 loops. Glue trim as above. When totally finished coat both knots liberally with Pliobond (I like 3 coats).

    Plan is to end up with a doubled line loop large enough to slip you spool or reel through. Double loop is much easiler on fly line loop. All slips through guides easily. Easy to change fly lines with no knots to tie.

    Pete A.

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