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    Im getting back into all of this fly fishing after a 35 yr. vacation so to speak and I need a little help . my buddy pasted away and left me all of his gear. so Im going to respool new line on my medillest reel . heres where I need some advise , prestige weight foward #7 no vis line comes with a 5 inch looped tip extension and a two inch yellow sleeve I assume this looped tip extension is to be attached to the line somehow but this IM not to sure of. how this is done, any help will be appreciated.. years ago I just loop knoted a leader to the line and away I when ok to all and thanks jake

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    Jake: Welcome to the forum and getting back into fly fishing! You are correct, the loop on the end of the line will connect to the leader. Most commercially sold tapered leaders have a loop on the butt end, just thread that over the loop on the line and then insert the end of the leader through the line loop and tighten everything up and your ready to tie a section of tippet to the end of the leader. The nice thing with this is that it makes changing out the leader very easy.


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    to the forum Jake.Thought Mc Cartney would answer your question...and Mc Nerney did...

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