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  1. Default Re: Fly shops in new york

    Phoned Urban Angler
    They seam to have no Stock in there store
    Asked for Rio gold in WF 3/4/5
    after the guy looking, waiting almost 10 mins came back and said only have a 4w.
    but maybe as someone said New York in for Spinning gear.
    Will contact Ramsey Outdoor Sports

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    Default Re: Fly shops in new york

    NY is very much a fly fishing haven and, not only is there world class wild trout fishing and saltwater fishing within a reasonable driving radius but three airports as well. However, retail space is ultra expensive in the City and storage space gets prioritized for high ticket items over $70 fly lines. I am confident Ramsey will be able to take care of your needs and I hope you enjoy your visit to to NY. Incidentally, I too like RIO Gold...SA Mastery Trout Stalker and Cortland "Boss" are similar extended head, presentation oriented tapers.

    Here is a specialty fly shop that has a very high quality oriented inventory and expert advise. Ask for Jon Huff:

    Streams of Dreams Fly Fishing

    Welcome to Streams of Dreams Fly Fishing - NJ's premier fly fishing source!

    324 New Jersey 17 Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
    (201) 934-1138

  3. Default Re: Fly shops in new york

    Hi Sweetandsalt ( you never put your name )

    Have sent an email to Stream Dreams.

    Have picked up some Ro from Chicago Fly Fishing(I know itís a bit far away from NY ) but they are doing a good deal+ posting it t/day to my Friend in Brooklyn.

    But will see what Stream Dreams as to offer.

    Just a different questions whatís a good fly fishing Magazine to get from the newsstand, or must I only buy some think like this from a fishing shop.

    Hope to come over next year for few weeks to fish around Montana way.
    Will need to pick your brains for information about that

    thanks for the information given so far/Dave

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