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    Default Re: Line: where and what to buy?

    Cabela's have a good selection. It's as close as your computer.

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    Default Re: Line: where and what to buy?

    Standard shipping rates are often set to save the folks the time of weighing each order after it's purchased, then get back to you with total shipping costs. There are some places do this, a lot don't. I just add the cost of shipping to the cost of the item and see if it's still worth it. Sometimes the lower price plus the convenience makes it worth buying the item online, sometimes it's not.

    If you don't have a fly shop you can go to (sometimes they can order what you want and you can just pick it up), check out Amazon, I've been surprised by the variety of lines sold there. If it's more than $25 and part of supersaver discount it ships free. Even those not free shipping can still be worth it. If you want an Orvis line, buy it through Casters fly shop, like LL Bean, they ship free.
    - William

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    Default Re: Line: where and what to buy?

    You’ll have to figure out what type of line / taper you need for your fishing applications.

    Rio’s making some changes to their products for 2012/2013. So if you look around on-line you should be able to find 2011/2012 Rio Grand & Trout LT lines which normally come in at $74.95, now running in the $35 to $50 range.

    $25 to $40 off - that ought to take care of your shipping & handling concerns.

    Several shops also have the Rio Versi-tips lines on sale, which are an entirely different critter.


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    Default Re: Line: where and what to buy?

    Quote Originally Posted by codypom View Post
    Where can you get it shipped for that? I was shopping for a baitcast reel for bass fishing and both Cabelas and BPS charge by the dollar amount. Based on that it was going to cost me $20 to ship something that weighed 8 onces and was in a very small box. I found a place in Michigan that only sold items that fit in pre-paid $4 boxes. I was hoping to find a place like that for fly line...
    A box that size and weight (a fly line, not a reel) the post office charged me $2.80 to mail no frills. No insurance, no fast delivery, no confomation. So if they toss in the box, the handling and go the cheapest the Post Office can go it's $2.80. Cabellas breaks shipping into groups. Had you bought the reel, and a bunch of other stuff it would have been the same shipping amount till you get over the top of that 'group'. I'm not sure what value you place on your time, but I have to think you have spent far to much of it attempting to get out a bit of shipping cost. It's not free for them, it shouldn't be free for you either.

    You can also watch ebay for a while. I watched two SA Pike lines go for $20 and $24. Those are $69 dollar lines. I missed the end of the auction or I would own the 10wt.

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    Default Re: Line: where and what to buy?

    Hi codypom
    Over the years I've bought quite a few Lines as well as many other items on Ebay both from The US & The UK off The Retail Shops as well as Private Sellers.
    I've shot you a PM of some places where you can check out,I've also found it pays to check out Shipping & Handling Fees,if they are unreasonably I don't deal with them..
    As Dan has pointed out Shipping could be only a few Bucks as Mostly it's only about around 10 Bucks to send over here which still works out a little over 1/2 -2/3 Price we pay locally.

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    Default Re: Line: where and what to buy?

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    I am curious, Diver Dan, what it is you don't like about RIO's Gold; I have several of them (#4, 5 and 6) in service and have nothing but positive experience with them.
    Same here. I also have quite a few SA premium lines that have performed flawlessly year after year.
    Sometimes me thinks operator error has something to do with fly lines going bad these days. I know of a few that were ruined by the owners thinking they're taking care of them. Detergent, automotive products and some household cleaners can do more damage than good.
    The way I see it, at what good lines cost why not just follow the manufacturers directions. I basically do and, aside from the occasional coating torn, a line bit in two by a stupid cat or another cut in two by an errant cigarette butt I haven't had a line go bad in many a long year.

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    Default Re: Line: where and what to buy?

    Quote Originally Posted by stuie675 View Post
    For a cheaper line I like Scientific Anglers Supra line or RIO Mainstream Trout is pretty good for the money. You can usually get them for around 50 bucks or so.
    I own Supra WF3F and it shoots well.. but cannot get any distance with it and it doesn't roll cast well at all imho...

    for the money.. FTD's Bull Shark line is pretty dern good.. especially at $18.00.. I have it on my 6wt and it works marvelous

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    Default Re: Line: where and what to buy?

    To Jackster's point; I had an SA XXD (now Expert Distance) #5 in camp several seasons back that was quite dirty and somehow we had no "official" line cleaning solution. At someones suggestion I cleaned it with a brand name dish washing detergent and a paper towel. That proved the end of that squeaked and stalled through the guides and was unable to do what that line is so adept at; shooting and mending. Live and learn. Same goes for automotive vinyl restorer; it too, though widely recommended at one point as a line cleaning agent, damages the built-in plasticizers that exude slowly from the line's coating. Quality fly lines are costly but they are what makes our favorite rods cast the way they do and attention should be payed to their proper maintenance.

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    Default Re: Line: where and what to buy?

    Oddly, new Cortland lines are all coming with line cleaners these days. Awful handy if you ask me. I have used Rio's agent x cleaner with good results as well.

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    Default Re: Line: where and what to buy?

    +1 on RIO Agent X

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