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Thread: flourocarbon

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    Am I imagining it, but does flouro sink a lot faster than mono?

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    Josh: Yes, but I use it on nymph rigs not dry flies.


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    I bought a few flouro tippets at the Orvis oulet sale here in CT and thought I would give them a try, but they sink eveything. Your advice makes good sense. Thanks

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    It sinks a bit but not really 'a lot'. The specific gravity really is not that much greater than regular tippet material.
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    I use it specifically for streamers...I've never done any nymph fishing....
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
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    On pushy water, flouro doesn't resist sinking through the water column as much, as mono.
    The sooner the fly gets down the better.
    Every little bit helps, when it comes to opening the fishes window for shopping time.
    Droppers when nymphing, are my big uses of this expensive stuff.
    I use about (3) 100yd spools of 4X, 5X, 6X respectively, in a season. 8-10 inches at a time.

    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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    I like fluorocarbon for tippets when I am fishing subsurface, but I prefer mono for the butt section. Fluoro in larger diameters (like the butt section of a tapered leader) feels too stiff and wirey to me. I tie my fluoro tippets to the mono butt section with a triple surgeon's knot.

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    Just the subject I was thinking about. According to the dry fly theory you are supposed to float the fly but sink the tippet as it otherwise is more visible and could spook a fish. I often forget the whole thing but on clear calm water I rub with tippet with mud that is supposed to sink it. In any event I just found out flourocarbon sinks so the obvious question is whether anyone uses it for the tippet. If it pulls down the fly, can at least a short section be used.

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    I found it sank my dry flies. However, that could have been a mending issue on my side.

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    Really...I only use Fluoro and have for many years. I use it for streamers, nymph AND dries and I do fish #28 - #32. As mentioned, the tippet sinks a little but the fly is high and least tlll it gets slimed...;-)

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