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    Default Re: Airflo Ridge Lines

    I am using Supple Technical on a couple of rods that I consider medium/medium fast action rods and am pretty pleased with it. I haven't cast either of the rods you mentioned, but that would be the line I'd try first for the St. Croix. For the other rod, I'd suggest Tactical as your starting point.

    Like sweetandsalt mentioned, the key is when matched up with a rod that likes them. The good news for you is that you've got several lines to try. Let us know your thoughts after you've had time to try some lines.
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    Default Re: Airflo Ridge Lines

    Some good information, regarding differences in line building philosophy...

    Rio, Airflo, SA Fly Lines: Review & Product Guide | The Caddis Fly: Oregon Fly Fishing Blog
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    Thank you all for the information. I am hoping to get out and test cast one of the lines this week.

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    I spooled up the Airflo Impact Taper WF6F and went out to a local reservoir in LA. It was cold and windy haha so I didn't spend much time on the water. I was really impressed with the line. It felt easier to shoot than my sharkskin and it was supple and memory free. I didn't stay long but I really enjoyed casting with it. I hope to make a trip to a river or stream soon and try to catch some trout.

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    Another thing I noticed while casting the airflo impact taper line is that it seems to be much better with roll casts than my sharkskin ultimate trout taper.

    Actually I was really disappointed with how much effort it took to roll cast with the ultimate trout taper. I am not sure if anyone else has had this issue with the ultimate trout taper but I was not expecting it as the description says "great for roll casts".

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    Default Re: Airflo Ridge Lines

    That settles it. My bad casting is the result of dirty line. I really am good at it!


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    Might be late to add on here, but I really like my AF Impact on my streamdance glx. It's the high line speed rod, and found this line to last much longer than a rio grand (cracked after bout a yr.) and floats longer than the gpx. Less stretch also, so quicker hook sets are easier.

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    Has anyone used the new clear Airflo lines? I was thinking about getting a clear tactical for my 6wt for Carp fishing, and wondered if anyone had experience with them. How invisible would they be in semi off colored water?

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