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Thread: A Question For the Experts

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    I've been following this thread for a while for clues as to which line to choose for a 6'6" Echo Carbon paired with a TFO BVK 0. Both rod and reel are around two ounces and will see use on small streams and creeks for tossing dries and not much else. I'm new to the small stuff and gather I should look for a weight forward line but have to keep a lighter presentation in mind. I like what I read about the airflo lines but for what I'm going to use it for I'm wondering if I'd be just as happy with a no name Cabela's line in a ziplock bag?

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    ECHO Rods, ably designed by Tim Rajeff, who, as it happens , is also the US distributor of Airflo lines. It is very relevant what lines a designer is employing in the development of his rods and I strongly suspect your ECHO would function optimally with a Ridge Rajeff Sports and ask! Also you will enjoy your little rod much more with a good line than the bargain line you refereed to.

    For those that have wondered about Airflo's Technical or Delta Taper; this line is a riff on the Wulff Triangle Taper so it has a very, very long front taper and shoots like a shooting head. It does not load well for a very in close cast just like Triangle Taper.

    Jackster, I have the Cortland "Western Drifter", the precursor to the Boss on a 6-weight and like it, however, I definitely also feel the kick from the Dyna Tip which also translates into a wrinkle in the forward portion of the loop. Yes it floats but does it cast? The Boss I have is a #5 so I will fish it under more refined circumstances and pay critical attention to the tip.

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