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    Default Joan Wulff Fly line

    Has anyone ever cast this line? I'm going to be lining a 9' 5wt. I would like to know how this line feels.

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    Default Re: Joan Wulff Fly line

    Lee and Joan Wulff developed this Triangle Taper concept starting in the later 1980's. Both are/where great fly fishers and casters. The idea is that the line tapers from a fine tip continuously to its thickest point at the back end of the head, some 30+' into the line. From the thickest diameter, the rear taper reduces precipitously to extra thin running line over a few feet. Essentially TT is a long, one-piece shooting head but, with the continuously diminishing diameter, is intended to alight a fly with delicacy. Two of my fishing buddy's swear by this line both for trout and saltwater flats presentations. Both believe is showing a fish the fly as far away as possible to avoid boat sound spooking the fish. They are always extending the full head and shooting running line. Neither is inclined to make in close short casts and there-in lies an issue: if you need to make a 25 foot cast and you have a 12' leader, you are only going to have 13' of line beyond your tip top to work with. With an average WF line you would have say 7' of front taper and 6' of belly to work with, underlining your rod some but you would cast off the tip with a bit of wrist snap and would be fine. However, with the continuous taper of the TT, you would virtually have tip only with really low even inadequate mass to load your rod with, truly handicapping your rod loading and line handling potential. So if most of your fishing will involve aerializing the head of your line rather than shorter casts this line may work well for you with the only remaining draw back being the dramatic hinge point where the thickest part of the head meets the thin running line. I have fished this line both for trout and bonefish and achieved very delicate presentations with it but, with full respect and admiration for its inventors, I believe there are superior fly line tapers available.

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    Default Joan Wulff Fly line

    I decided to go with a mastery textures series trout stalker for my trout rod. I will try it out at least. If only the Joan wulff line had a taper behind the head as well...

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    Default Re: Joan Wulff Fly line

    Great reply Sweetandsalt....

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

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    Default Joan Wulff Fly line

    And I definitely agree! Great reply!

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    Default Re: Joan Wulff Fly line

    Thank you. Did you read my review of Textured Trout Stalker in Gear Reviews?

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    Default Re: Joan Wulff Fly line

    No I did not, but I'm about to now.

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    You should definitely start writing articles in papers, sir. I'm going to be using this line on a 9' 5wt Winston B2t rod with a lamson speedster reel. I think this line will complement this setup, splendidly. I have some almost-still water, gin clear streams that I fish in northern IA that are fun to get 'technical' with. I also use cutthroat leaders at the end of the fly line. Coming from using Rio Gold line on my trout rod, I hope this line out-performs the rio line. Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Joan Wulff Fly line

    The new Joan Wulff version of the TT line does have a rear taper. Actually it is not a taper but a section of heavier line that can be stack mended or any other mend you use. The very thin running line doesn't start right behind the head as it does on the regular TT line. See the Royal Wulff website for a complete description.

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    Default Re: Joan Wulff Fly line

    This is timely. I just ordered an ivory triangle taper for a new 9' 5wt.
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    I don't usually have to worry about fishing too close for a triangle Taper Line,,for me on the Copper they are the perfect line for a moderate sized river. My wife harvested one of mine about the same time her 22mag started wearing the 3x9 Leupold scope off my 300 Ackley!
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