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Thread: salt lines for 8wt BVK

  1. Default salt lines for 8wt BVK

    I'm new to the sport, and getting new setups for mywife and me: 8wt TFO BVK rods, probably Hardy Ultralight reels (thanks to the reel forum), and finally I'm seeking line advice.

    We will be going out for snook in Florida in the spring - probably will do this only once a year, we fish for pretty much anything out of the Chesapeake when we can make the trip, and we hit Massachusetts in the summer/fall for stripers. So there's a range of water temps and fish we are looking for. We are considering getting an extra spool and second line - maybe a sink tip and a floater so we have an option. Ease of casting would help, as we are not quite throwing 100' of line out just yet. We are usually in the surf.

    If I was to get two types, and we were using them primarily in the surf from New England to Florida? Or would it be best to get an all-around salt line and not spring the extra $200 for the second spool setup?

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    Are you set on an 8wt? For fall stripers in MA I would personally go with a 9wt. Especially if you might want to fish out in the open for fall stripers and albies. I have an 8 and a 9 and use the 8 mostly in the salt ponds where I am somewhat protected from wind. I have fished the 8wt out on jetties in the wind as well but it definitely isn't as fun. Just my .02, plenty of people will tell you an 8wt is fine, and it is a 9 will just be a tad more wind friendly and have a little mor backbone to turn albies and big bass.

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    This is something I'll consider for sure. I think we've been wanting to go a bit light, because for the past couple of years we've been learning on some monster 12wts that were given to us as a gift by a relative who thought bigger is always better. Since we do plan on fishing in a variety of locations/conditions, I thought 8wt would serve us well. Also, we went out from the shore with a guide in Massachusetts and had a blast with stripers on 8wts. Maybe we got lucky...?

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    Default Re: salt lines for 8wt BVK

    Quote Originally Posted by mking7 View Post
    and had a blast with stripers on 8wts. Maybe we got lucky...?
    Naaa. I always use an 8wt rod. I just vary the lines that I use on them to fit the conditions.
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    That was going to be another suggestion. To over line the rod by a weight. This can be tough though. With so many new tapers and all that out there, it is hard to know what will work well without trying it. For example, I have the Airflo Forty Plus line on my 8wt and it definitely feels like it is a line heavier than what it is listed as because of it's heavy aggressive head.

    I like this line but it does take some getting used to if you have fished more traditional lines. The benefits are because of the short belly, I can get casts out to albies very quickly. Also, it means I don't need as much line out to cast which can help in the wind.

    The one issue I have is with a wind in my face the cast falls on its face more often than other lines. Who knows, it could be my fault but I think it is because the running like in so thin, the wind catches the thicker belly but the running line tries to keep going.

    Sorry, I know that doesn't help you pick a line but that is one I used this past season so I thought I would share the pros and cons that I have personally found with this specific line.

    I am probably going to go with a SA Mastery line this season, not sure yet.

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    Default Re: salt lines for 8wt BVK

    The SA Mastery Lines seem to work well on my BVK. Used the SA Coldwater Redfish as well as the Striper line both performed great . Luke anything else it's a feel thing and everyone has their own favorites!

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    Oh and I did try overweighting and found that it was not needed with that rod!
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    Great advice everyone. And yes, I'm sure you are right about personal preference. I just need to bite the bullet and get out there.

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    Default Re: salt lines for 8wt BVK

    Individual or fly shop clerk opinion aside, there is only one way to determine the optimal line for any given rod...cast a bunch of different ones at all distances. I twist a Bimini into my backing and make or reinforce the loop on the rear of all my lines to facilitate easy winding off and reeling on different lines. And I mark their plastic spools with type, size and date to minimize confusion. Though I have a preference for certain line taper designs; I long ago learned that it is less important what line "I" like and more relevant what line the "rod" likes. Many rods are easy and will cast anything within a reasonable spectrum fine while others are more temperamental and really only cast great with a specific line or two. Trying a few different ones that you have begged, borrowed or stolen from your buddy's or the local fly shop will impress you with how obvious the difference is between lines on how a rod performs.

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    Default Re: salt lines for 8wt BVK

    I have the 8wt BVK, and really like the Rio Redfish line. For cold water applications I really like the Rio Outbound Short Coldwater line. The BVK is a great casting rod, but it has relatively little lifting power. If you will be fighting strong fish in deep water off of a boat, I suggest a TFO TiCrX. Its a bit heavier in the hand, but will cast like a bullet, and has a much stronger butt section for lifting those beasties. IMO.

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    Default Re: salt lines for 8wt BVK

    On a side note, next time you are up here let me know if you want to fish Rhodie. My other half fly fishes as well and just got her first saltwater setup.

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