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    Regarding the silk line, first determine that it is silk, lots of oiled Nylon lines were sold. Hold a burning match to the end, if it is silk, there will only be ash, if it is Nylon, it will form a hard lump. Nylon lines are typically not worth restoring.

    If it is silk and very dirty, with no discernible finish left, or is stuck together, I would do the baking soda cleaning, which strips the finish off without harming the silk. Many people have in the past twenty years used this method with no complaints - Purchasing, Cleaning, Restoring, and Care of Old Silk Fly Lines

    Good luck. If it is a good silk line, you may get another thirty years of fishing from it.

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    About the bamboo ferrules, steel wool is a last resort. Ferrules are lapped with either a lapping stone or a lapping file, and that is fussy work. You need to know why the ferrule is not seating, is the female crimped a bit, or the male out of round? Lots of possibilities.

    Fishermen who started with graphite sometimes don't understand that unlike graphite ferrules, you never turn a NS ferrule as you are assembling the rod. The cane rod maker will typically stamp small register marks on male and female ferrules. Use a straight push with hands close together and the registry marks aligned.

    If you still find that the fit leaves more than a 1/8" gap, rub the male ferrule with a candle stub and try again. The hard wax may allow it to mate better. (You can also use a candle stub for ferrules that are too loose from age.)

    Good luck.
    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Maintaining a Silk Fly Line/ Bamboo wont seat

    I took the line to a local guy who is knowledgeable in bamboo rods. He originally thought the line was one of the first polyester lines but later believed it was silk and it is very good condition not sticking together just has some dust on the line... I will do the lighter test though.

    He also explained to me about the never twisting when putting the rod together and taking it apart. As for the Ferules I am planning on taking it to the Feathered Hook off Penns Creek to have them get the ferules to seat.

    Thanks for the links and advice guys I cant wait to fish the bamboo.

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    Default Re: Maintaining a Silk Fly Line/ Bamboo wont seat

    I did the flame test and only a black ash formed on the tip of the line so it is silk

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    Default Re: Maintaining a Silk Fly Line/ Bamboo wont seat

    Your post reminds me of one I made on another board.


    "I arrived on scene equipped with an old vintage "American Fork and Hoe" steel fly rod, and a Pflueger Gem all wound up with some old silk fly line that might be close to 40 years old (Now that I think about it, its probably even 10-20 years older, its amazing how durable that stuff is), and a pocket full of some home brewed flies. I was out there for about 1 1/2 hours, and was lucky enough to land about 35-40 fish. Here are a few pics of the big ones . ........

    It was still a nice therapeutic way to spend a Wednesday evening. No monsters tonight, maybe next time. I did miss a really nice sized carp, that surfaced for my fly."

    I'll have to look for the links I used to restore the line, I'm sure I still have them tucked away somewhere. Restoring, and fishing the old silk line was both an enjoyable, and rewarding experience. I recently purchased another silk fly line, and hope to be restoring it soon. I'll now look for the links I used to restore this first one.

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    Edit: I used the same link that was already posted.

    Over My Waders

    Another post I made on the subject from a few years ago, that goes into a little more detail, I did not think it was that long ago..... It's amazing how fast time can fly.

    Fiberglass Flyrodders • Best way to restore a Silk Fly Line?

    I hope these links may help you Nrp5087, and that a late response is better than no response.

    PS Nrp5087: I wish you luck with that line, from first hand experience it can be worth the extra effort required to maintain it.
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    Default Re: Maintaining a Silk Fly Line/ Bamboo wont seat

    One other thing you might want to check about your silk line is to determine the taper. If it is a level line, you may want to consider whether or not it is something you want to fish with. Level lines are not easy casting and tend to be clunky at dropping the fly. It is turns out to be a DT line, congratulations, you've got a friend for many years.

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